2019 NC CEO Forum

The NC CEO Forum’s mission is to help CEOs become better strategic leaders. Our conference gathers leaders who understand that learning and growth are essential for achieving success in business and in life.

We focus on “See What’s Next” and choose our annual theme depending on what we believe is most relevant to CEOs at the moment.

Right now we believe a CEOs top priority is to understand the technology revolution that is reshaping the competitive landscape to a degree never seen before. Accelerating technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Bots, Driverless Cars, Data Analytics, Gaming etc. are upon us and they will have a profound, unprecedented impact on the world and on our businesses.

Leaders who welcome and understand these transformative technologies will have the greatest opportunity to ensure their companies’ success in a future that seems almost inconceivable today. However, a CEO with a fixed mindset who ignores or resists the coming reality will likely see their business overtaken by more technologically advanced competitors. The expression “change or die” is as relevant today as it has ever been.

To help CEOs leverage these new developments and remain competitive, in November 2019, the NC CEO Forum will gather global experts to explain the new technologies and leading CEOs who will share how their companies are leveraging them for sustained competitive advantage.


  • The 10th Annual NC CEO Forum is designed to help CEOs and their teams decide which
    technologies are most relevant, and how to apply them to their enterprise.
  • This invitation-only event will feature keynote addresses by global leaders of industry who
    will explain the transformative power of disruptive technologies.
  • There will be lunchtime Table Tech Topics so attendees can discuss how their companies are implementing technology to further their competitive edge and harness the power of innovation.


  • The NC CEO Forum is a unique and powerful event where CEOs learn from each other
    and network with their peers.
  • The world is moving faster and faster. New technology development and applications are
    accelerating. The implications are monumental and no company will be untouched.
  • The 2019 Forum will help CEOs determine which technologies are potentially appropriate
    and helpful for their business and which might be a threat.
  • Keynote speakers from global, forward-thinking companies will share insights and “lessons
    learned” on how technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain,
    virtual and augmented reality, 5G, Internet of Things and data analytics are transforming
    the competitive landscape and their organizations.
  • The 2019 NC CEO Forum is a can’t-miss event for CEOs who want to get ahead of the curve
    and chart the most favorable course for their company through the technology minefield of
    opportunity ahead.

Please join us!

About the NC CEO Forum

The North Carolina CEO Forum is for executives and management teams who want to gain a competitive edge in the market. This invitation-only event welcomes business, government and non-profit leaders who are dedicated to helping North Carolina grow jobs and build its presence on the national and international scene.

The NC CEO Forum is continuing its commitment to give back to its community with net proceeds from the event supporting non-profits, including our featured nonprofit, Athena International. The Forum also wants to highlight its Friends of the Forum nonprofits: CED, NC Biosciences Organization, NC Center for Nonprofits, NC Green Power, TiE Carolinas, Triangle Chapter of the British American Business Council.